The software Heritage acquisition process

11 November 2021

Documentary heritage comprises analogue documents or digital informational content of significant and enduring value to a community, a culture, a country or to humanity generally, and whose deterioration or loss would be a harmful impoverishment. Significance of this heritage may become clear only with the passage of time, states the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Preservation of, and Access to Documentary Heritage, including in Digital Form (

The Software Heritage Acquisition Process describes at an abstract level the different necessary phases, as well as the necessary resources.

Software Heritage is the worlds first global archive of software source code initiated by Inria, the French National research institute for digital science in 2017. UNESCO has cooperated with Inria to support the creation of Software Heritage, which was officially launched in UNESCO Headquarters in June 2018. The Paris Call on Software Source code as Heritage for sustainable development was published in February 2019, following a international expert group meeting organized by UNESCO and Inria.

knowledge societies; open solutions; foss

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