First Training on Early Childhood Care and Education

10 January 2003

The first stage of workshop-training was held from 6th to 20th of January 2003 in Karaganda city where headquarters of Kazakhstan-Russian University is located. The goal of workshop-training is to teach trainers who, in turn, will organize and hold 2nd stage of workshop-training on Course “Micro politics of preschool education and teaching till 2005” from 26th to 31st of January in 17 cities of Kazakhstan.

For the training course 43 people were selected:
  • 14 preschool specialists from oblast and city (Almaty and Astana) education departments, including 3 people from rural regional education departments;
  • 13 preschool methodists from central and oblast qualification improvement institutes for educational personnel;
  • 5 kindergarten instructors;
  • 9 representatives of educational organizations from Karaganda city;
  • 2 workers of educational tertiary institutions (Kazakh State Women Pedagogical Institute and Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim.)

Taking into account that specialists mentioned above have large practical experience on preschool management in the regions, the task was to bring analytical, reference and statistic materials on preschool state in the regions, which were lately used through trainings. Next to come was the preparation for the first stage of the republican workshop-training. In line with the order of MoES of RK, a special actions plan was developed for organizing and holding of workshop. The proper logistics was arranged in Kazakhstan-Russian University, i.e., a large satellite TV hall, training rooms for sub-groups work, computer classes with separate place for each participant, and internet access. The group of lectors was formed of unit developers, specialists on management, planning and funding of regional QIIEP, and practical preschool workers successfully working on such problems. The group from Management Center (instructors) was carefully selected so that it could train and increase the knowledge of expected trainers in terms of computer basics, internet skills, and familiarity with Mektepaldy (Preschool) website’s network course. The Management Center had to maintain the implementation of 2nd stage of distance workshop-training. Two practical lessons on theory and practice of workshop-training were held with lectures and instructors. The Programme was developed for the first stage of virtual interactive course held internally from 6th to 19th of January 2003.
The lessons with expected trainers were sectioned in two modules:
  • 1st module – work with units on theory, technique and practice by types of activity.
  • 2nd module – study and improvement of computer, internet and CD-ROM working skills. For study to be more effective, a special unit on virtual course was elaborated.

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