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27 April 2006 April 27-28 – Sub-regional Thematic groups on Adult Education, Girls’ Education – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
27 April 2006 National Conference on HIV/AIDS Prevention
19 April 2006 April 19-20 – Sub- regional Thematic group on Life skills education, Almaty, Kakazkhstan
6 January 2006 Outcomes of Almaty conference on Communicative Education
19 September 2005 The Central Asian meeting of the main partners of Education Unit
26 July 2005 Sub-regional youth conference
21 July 2005 The Central Asian sub-regional conference on Education For Sustainable Development
6 June 2005 Fourth Central Asian Education Forum: Joint effort to improve education in Central Asia, 6-8 June 2005, Dushanbe
28 March 2005 Regional Training of Trainers Workshop: “Monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS” 28-31 March 2005,Almaty, Kazakhstan
25 November 2004 Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan Education Forum Executive Committee Meeting
25 November 2004 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) situation analysis presentation workshop, November 2004, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
21 November 2004 Jonathan Mann Award - 2004
10 November 2004 Leading the UN Decade of Education For Sustainable Development, Sub- regional conference with all CA countries' participation for ESD promotion, November 10-12 2004, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
9 November 2004 Meeting of thematic group on girls' education and gender focal points from Ministries of Education of the Central- Asian Republics, Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 9-10, 2004.
6 November 2004 National multilingual workshop to promote education system reforming, Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 6-11, 2004.